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1. Withdrawal requests  days will be as per the decision of the company and can be changed anytime without prior notice.

2. Three self sponsored persons are required for any  withdrawal  to be made and released .

3. Payouts  of various levels  will  only be released only upon the basic minimum qualifications designed by the company.

4. Ids will only be transferred when the concerned person will give NOC (affidavit. for the same and fee of Rs 250/- will be charged for the same.

5. Top-up is mandatory and will be done automatically

6. Auto-Top up will be done from diamond income.

7. Terms & Condition between Diamond Ace Net Sales Pvt Ltd  and Applicant In consideration of mutual terms and conditions contained herein, Diamond Ace Net Sales Pvt Ltd  herein is  referred to as The Company and the Applicant referred to as Independent Business Associate agrees as follows:

8. The Applicant confirm that he is a person of Indian Origin and has attained 18 years as on the date of application to The Company and hereby submits the application for consideration at The Company’s sole discretion.

9. The Applicant confirms that he/she do not have any legal disqualification or in any manner incapable of entering into a contract.

10. The Applicant agrees to pay to The Company processing fees and price of sales kit as stated in the Marketing Plan. After accepting form by The Company he/she will be designated as Independent Business Associate.

11. The Independent Business Associate understands that any income or incentive depends on the development of the Business done by the Independent Business Associate.

12. The Independent Business Associate has to have a thorough knowledge of products and Business Plan of The Company.

13. The Independent Business Associate shall act only on to purchase and sale the company’s products as per the guideline issued by the company and shall at no time be considered as an employee of The Company.

14. The Independent Business Associate has to comply with all the legal requirements for being and continuing the appointment as the Independent Business Associate at any level, this includes payment of taxes, duties, levies and maintaining fare and ethical trade practices.

15. The Company allows registered Independent Business Associate to sponsor people from all places from India. There is no demotion of status in network hierarchy except for product buy-back during the cooling of period or subsequent discovery of any mal-practice regarding attainment of status and the consequent impact thereof in the network hierarchy.

16. The Independent Business Associate are not allowed to involve directly or indirectly, including proxy, by any means in other direct sales company’s activity, which may bring negative influence to The Company. Any violation may result in suspension or termination from being Associate immediately.

17. The Independent Business Associate shall not use the symbols, logos, trademarks, brand names, or literature or other promotional material for any purpose other than what is specified by The Company. Nor shall they be entitled to use any promotional material not approved by The Company.

18. If the Independent Business Associate decide to discontinue his/her being an  Associate, Independent Business Associate may submit his/her resignation at any time and for any reason upon giving 30 days written notice to The Company and shall not be entitled to have any commission whatsoever.

19. Any person who for whatever reason ceases to be an Independent Business Associate, shall not be re-admitted before the lapse of a minimum period of 6 calendar months from the date of his/her resignation / termination

20. All products of The Company shall be sold at its Max. Retail price as fixed by The Company. No Independent Business Associate is allowed to raise or lower the price of any product of The Company. Any violation in this regard may result in suspension or termination from being the Independent Business Associate of The Company.

21. The Independent Business Associate shall not repack The Company product for further sale.

22. Independent Business Associate agree that The Company reserves the right to vary the product range, the cost of and all or any terms and conditions required due to change in State and Central Government policies, market conditions, competitions etc.

23. Independent Business Associate shall not introduce and / or sale any products or services not approved by The Company through the Company’s network of Associates.

24. The Company reserves the right to change Business Plan as per the policies of The Company or as required by law without personal intimation to the Independent Business Associate.

25. All payment made by The Company are by cheque or NEFT less TDS, Processing Charges and Postage as applicable.

26. The Company reserves the right to change the Associate -ship of Independent Business Associate if found violating the rules and regulations framed by it from time to time. The Company reserves the right to change, alters and modify the Business Programme, Product Cost or the revenue sharing formulae to maintain a viable marketing system and to comply with the change in any law.

27. The Independent Business Associate shall be bound by such changes The Company reserves the right to amend, modify. Alter, or change the rules and regulations without prior notice.

28. The Company reserves the right to determine the product’s acceptability for returns.

29. The Company reserves the right to accept or decline this application without having to assign any reasons to me. Products are not permitted to be sold in retail outlets.

30. Our marketing plan has been designed for our product to be sold through direct selling or in a personalized situation.

31. The Independent Business Associate as an independent contractor may transfer or assign the contract by gift or sale. Nevertheless The Company reserves the right of approval, which will be unreasonably withheld. To receive written approval, notarized copies of the gift, transfer or bill of sale must be forwarded to The Company office. Upon the death or the disability of The Independent Business Associate, the contract &all right will pass to their beneficiary. The Company enquires photocopies & a certified will before the transfer can be made effective.

32. All Judicial proceedings if any or any other disputes if any will be in the jurisdiction of Mandi (himachal Pradesh. only.

33. The Independent Business Associate will be deemed to be bound by the terms & conditions on mere signature on this application form.

34. The Company will not be responsible for non-understanding or misunderstanding of the terms & conditions.
35. Any loss/damage of Products, Receipts, Demand Drafts, Cheque by Independent Business Associate will not be Company  responsibility. Company will not be responsible and liable to Independent Business Associate, if the Demand Drafts are submitted anywhere else other than the designated office of the Company.

36. The products offered does not carry any warranty, terms of warranty applies of the manufacturer of the product only.

37. This is a promotional offer and we reserve the right to change or withdraw this promotional offer anytime.

38. You are buying a product from the company  and promotional offer should not be promoted as an investment scheme.

39. You may enjoy the benefits of the promotional offer till the Company is in profit.

40. Company reserves the right to change and withdraw the promotional offer anytime

41. If you are an old associate then you are given this offer free of cost as promotional scheme and you cannot claim product for the same.